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How to save time in the morning and still have time for breakfast

Alarm goes off, snoozes it four times, finally fall out of bed remembering your lunch isn't packed for the day (great another overpriced meal from the canteen it is then), rushes to shower, straighten hair...haha yeah right a bun will have to do. Right, clothes on, hair done, lunch (grumbles) grabs keys and go!

Does this sound familiar? Most mornings can be hectic and that's without any added dramas of >insert child / husband / girlfriends name here<. Before you know it you're at work feeling like you've already worked a 4 hour shift and you feel stressed and disorganised.

Here at Call a PA we know that feeling all too well but luckily enough we are addicted to organisation and have planned out our perfect morning routine. We thought you might benefit from it too so have decided to share with you our top tips for saving time in the morning and still having time for breakfast...because breakfast is the most important meal after all ;)

Before you go to bed...

1. Prepare your cup of coffee

If you're like us and cannot function without that hot cup of coffee (or tea, we're not precious) then save yourself some time in the morning by filling up the kettle and getting your mug out with coffee in. Or if you have a coffee machine, set up the coffeemaker the night before so in the morning, hit the kettle or the machine and voila, instant coffee (or tea!).

2. Make your lunch with dinner

When your cooking dinner, make enough spare so you can enjoy it again the next day for lunch. Tesco and Sainbury's have fab stackable plastic containers perfect for this use at under a fiver.

3. Pick your outfit

Don't hunt around in the morning working out what to wear, and then changing it again...and again (or is that just us?) Pick your outfit the night before and leave it out ready to grab once you've had your morning shower. This will save you a lot of time in the morning!

In the morning...

1. Don't hit the snooze

Back away from the snooze button. As soon as your alarm goes off, turn it off. Then stretch. Yes that's right, a full-bodied stretch so your body knows its getting ready to move and blood needs to find its way back into arms legs and toes!

Hitting that snooze button will only make you sleepier and have a less refreshing start to the day (not to mention losing ten minutes to get ready stress-free)

If it helps, buy a retro alarm clock that doesn't have a snooze button.

2. Set a timer for a shower

It's easy to get carried away in the shower but learn to speed up your shower routine with a timer. Set the timer for 5-10 minutes and make sure you don't take any longer than that. Plus think of the extra savings you'll make on your water bill with a speedy shower each day!

Now you're ready to put on those clothes you picked out from last night!

3. Always make time for breakfast

Okay so we might be food lovers here at Call a PA but we also mean this one. Every morning should include breakfast as it will set you up for your day ensuring you start off feeling healthy and great. Don't slave over this though, grab something like yoghurt and berries, a bowl of fruit salad, a nutribullet smoothie or even prepare overnight oats the night before!

4. Don't get distracted

It's so easy to have a quick peak (I mean, is there such a thing?) at the world of Facebook or Instagram first thing but before you know it 20 minutes of your life has got up and gone; And now you're late. Again! Keep your phone time till later in the day and enjoy a stress-free, digital-free morning.

5. Have your bag ready

Last minute dash around the house looking for keys, that file you need...nope! Because you are learning now and already have your bag sorted with your keys and belongings in one place ready to grab and go. Get organised and have a permanent place for your things so you always know where they are in the morning, this will save you valuable minutes and also keep your house looking tidy too.

Don't forget your lunch in the fridge either you made last night!

Now you know our secrets you should be prepared for a lovely morning, hassle-free.

What else could we add to our list, what is key in your morning routine? Let us know in the comments :)

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